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Professional Certifications

Global Centre for Research-Industry 4.0

Professional Certifications

GCR 4.0 - Global Centre for Research - Industry 4.0 is a department set by of SRI College under School of I.T to offers a vendor-neutral certifications and MQA approved certificates. GCR 4.0 promises to help you to transform your skills to Jump-Start Your Career. Global Centre for Research - IR 4.0 is a professional Certification and Academic Body fully approved and accredited by Ministry of higher education and MQA.

What is Professional Certification Body?

A certification is a third-party attestation of an individual's level of knowledge or proficiency in a certain industry or profession. They are granted by authorities in the field, such as professional societies, universities, colleges, or by private certificate-granting agencies

What is Professional Certification?

Professional certification is a process by which a person develops the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform a specific job. Once the individual completes a course of study, he or she receives a certificate earned by passing an exam that is accredited by an organization or association.

What’s in It for You?

Professional certification shows employers and clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained. It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded professional organization.

How Professional certification help in job Market?

Certification makes you more valuable to employers and so you can expect to:

  • Enjoy better employment and advancement opportunities
  • Have a competitive advantage over candidates without certificates
  • Earn higher wages
  • Receive tuition reimbursement for continuing education
  • Understand the value of certifications

    Understanding the value of certifications before you make a selection is vital. According to our IT Skills and Salary Report, 9 out of 10 professionals possess at least one certification. That’s a ton of competition in the industry. And the general consensus is the more certifications, the better. 

    Why Global Centre for Research -Industry 4.0

    Global Centre for Research-Industry 4.0 is managed by a Board of Directors having more than 20 to 30 years of Industrial Experience.

    Professional Certification Tracks available

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Programming
  • App Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Analytics
  • Our staff and our researchers are determined, creative, passionate and insightful. We offer a range of opportunities for SPM Leavers, ongoing professional development, from short courses and non-award study of single subjects to industry certifications like Microsoft, Cisco, Comptia, Android and many more.

    Professional Tracks

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